The Goat-Cage

Hello Guys...

after 3 months not writing my blog, i finally found some time now to continue and i will go on with writing from now be excited :D

So the last 3 months I just travelled around in Europe from Rome, Pisa and Milano in Italy I went to Paris, from Paris to Nice where I wanted to stay for a while to learn french.... but after 10 nice days, I decided to go from Montpellier by hitch hiking to Barcelona in Spain to take a flight to the canary-Island....

So finally I live on La Gomera since 3 weeks with a really small budget which I refill sometimes when I sell my Drawings on the streets or I busk.

I will stay 1 Month more now on the canaries till my money is gone.... and with the last money I will take a flight to Canada to work three months there as a fruit picker and I´m fucking excited for that new adventure;)

Here are some Pictures of the last soon