Busking, Burgerking, broke

After another beautiful week in Osoyoos, which we spent more or less in Kurtis´ apartment, we went to Victoria on Vancouver-Island, with two German girls who took us from Kelowna.

The first 3 days we spent on the sailing-boat of Victor (a friend of Marie) in the Buchart- Garden-Bay. It was so beautiful to sleep and wake up on the water in the middle of the bay, the first thing you see in the morning is the bright sky and the fresh pacific ocean with a lot of jellyfish under the boat... it´s magical and i was not able to wait one second to jump in the cold fresh water....

So the whole boat-storry made me more thinking of having my own boat. So I think the plan for next year is already fixed ;)

please take us out of this god damn hot place Osoyoos...

having a little swim next to the highway to Kelowna

sleeping hidden in the bushes in the middle of Kelowna


Victor, the Captain of the "good times" 

Marie making breakfast =)

enjoying absolutely freedom =)

After the "good times", there was some bad times, we slept in the beacon hill park in Victoria and woke up, cause the cops and a Bylaw sneaked around the tent. They told us to move and that it´s just allowed for homeless people to sleep here.... I tried to explain, that I´m homeless, too ....

But it´s just for "local homeless" ....anyway sometimes it´s a sad world. They took our names and warned us to sleep again here would cost us 150 dollar.

With the last 100 dollar we had, we startet busking in the streets. It was ok, we made some money to come over the day. 

Now we are sleeping since 4 days at a beautiful spot on the beach, better than any hotel ;)

new office


Busking in Victoria