How many Buckets ?! new Adventure in the Okanagan-Valley, BC, Canada

My journey to Canada started about 1 months before on the canary islands, when I was broke with no money and I met Juliette from Quebec. She told me, I should just come to Canada and I will have a summer full of drugs, love, chilli-willy....and maybe I can make some money too....  

So, with the last 400€ I had, I jumped into my new Adventure.

Osoyoos, the vortex...

So I started cherry picking in Osoyoos (a small desert village, close to the US- border.) It´s definitely not the hardest job what i´ve ever done (physically)... but it´s really not easy to stay focused ... usually we startet working at 4:00 am, cause around 11 or 12 am it gets too hot in the valley. At around 6 am the whole cherry field startet smelling more like a big marihuana- plant age and everyone just sited on their buckets, smoking you see, thats what i mean with staying focused is not that easy;)

but anyway, after work more or less everyone went to the beautiful and most polluted lake in whole Canada to chill, play music, drink, smoke, what ever.

Charlie, the guy who plays every fucking instrument in the world...

PM ;)





Jack having fun

Seeeeb, the guy who knows everything about picking =)

on the way to seven eleven, the best restaurant, liquor-store, coffee shop in the world =)

Kurtis the "local" =)

free food at the church =)

Jonas, mein german digger =)